A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.  Shakespeare’s  famous line from Romeo and Juliet, is often used to imply that the names of things do not affect what they really are. A rose is rose (ignoring that there are more than 3,000 rose varieties) but what about something that has evolved to the point that the name is no longer accurate? A case in point: we just announced that we are changing our company name from IDXP Analytics to Mediar Solutions. While IDXP Analytics is a fine name, we felt that it did not reflect who we are or what we do – today.  IDXP Analytics is a tech-centric brand which implies that we sell technology to our customers. The reality is that we really are a tech-enabled business that sells valuable marketing intelligence to global brands and retailers. While our underlying technology is essential to what we do, it is not who we are.

Our new name came after much thought, research and conversation. It forced us to think about how we are perceived and where we are headed as a business. A key finding was that what makes us unique is that we work as an expert mediator between Retailers and CPGs  bringing value and insight to both sides of the market simultaneously. Plus, our solution is focused on the ROI performance of in-store media promotions. Mediar combines those attributes in a fresh, easy-to-remember brand with the underlying meaning of “Media ROI“.

When it comes to re-branding, it’s important that your customers love it. We tested Mediar with our customers and received overwhelming positive response. Like I said, IDXP was an OK name but when we asked the question, customers told us. “We never really liked IDXP but Mediar is great!.” It reminds me of the Chilean Seabass story. The name was was invented by a fish wholesaler in 1977 to make the Patagonian Toothfish more attractive to the American market. It worked too well since the popular Seabass/Toothfish is now approaching endangered status!

So, IDXP is now Mediar. Over the next few weeks, we will be changing all of our customer-facing channels and business signage to Mediar. Underneath our cool, new name, you will still find the same great “tech-enabled” solutions and our dedicated team of employees. Let us know what you think.