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AI to understand how much
sales you missed and
how to sell more.

We deliver a "faster, better, cheaper" complete shopper analytics solution to help unlock category growth.


MEDIAR tells you the missed sales opportunities in-store so you can improve the performance of you category while other solutions are only counting people.

We combine shopper behaviour inside stores with sales data and Promo executions to deliver unique category growth insights.

Computer vision AI

AI software plugs in retailers existing security video infrastructure to harvest anonymous behavior data, GDPR compliant.

Big Data

Big Data correlates behavior with other data sets including sales and in-store execution.

Predictive Analytics

Analytics are generated with insights on how to improve shopper conversion and category sales.



• In-store shopper behavior data;

• Realtime actionable information;

• Optimizes your in store performance and unlock sales growth opportunities.


• Powerful analytics dashboard to increase sales per square footage

• Minimal interference with store operations - we use your existing infrastructure

• Get more trade investments from Brands.

Our solutions

We offer unique solutions, for retailers and brands, to improve their in-store category performance.

Basic Category

What did I sell?

Optimize your Category Management data-sharing methods between retailers and brands and better understand your sales. Have on a single data hub your daily information on the most critical KPIs of your operation.

Key features:

• Category Scorecard

• Sales Breakdown

• Sales KPI and more

Advanced Category

What could I have sold?

Immerse yourself and do an in-depth analysis of your category in real-time with shopper behavior in the middle. Analyze your store-level results and understand how to increase your shopper conversion rates and drive more sales.

Key features:

• Shopper Conversion Funnel

• Missed Sales Opportunities

• Store heatmaps

• Shopper Missions and More


How can I sell more?

Understand and measure the effectiveness of your promo executions and optimize your trade spent. Get insights on how to improve your in-store performance across your promo categories and get actionable insights on how to sell more.

Key features:

• In-store execution tracking

• Homeshelf and secondary displays comparisons

• Source of volume and more

Require demo

Success Cases

01 • Promotional Action ROI


Find out the ROI (return on investment) of some extra points.



  • We monitor consumer behavior at each of the extra points and at the natural point.
  • We correlated behavioral data with sell-out data and the store map.
  • We analyze the results obtained and formulate insights.
Imagem - Mediar
de vendas
Oral hygiene

After using Mediar, Colgate learned that the promotional gondola tip would perform better – away from the oral hygiene aisle.

Develop the potential of your categories and increase POS efficiency.

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