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Introducing Mediar Solutions

Mediar (formerly IDXP Analytics) makes in-store marketing promotions more profitable for Global Brands & Major Retailers. Think of us as Media ROI. Mediar reflects our role as the trusted platform for both CPGs and Retailers. Mediar holds the unique position of working as an expert mediator between Retailers and CPGs bringing value and insight to both sides of the market simultaneously. Our Big Data platform uses proprietary algorithms to deliver deep actionable insights to improve store execution and merchandising effectiveness. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley with R&D in Brazil and have customers in North America, Europe and South America. Mediar is how brands win.

PromoPower™ for CPGs + Retailers

Mediar PromoPower™ is a ground-breaking Big Data Platform that provides CPG Brand and Category Managers and Retailers with real-time measurement of in-store promotions ROI.

Real-time Shopper Behavior

PromoPower™ harvests real-time in-store shopper activity data to measure and optimize CPGs’ trade promotion investments in retail stores. Mediar's unique clustering technology delivers a complete picture from a single store to a retail chain.

Promotion Performance > ROI

We map in-store shopper location patterns with product placements and correlate with POS data to produce actionable metrics and drive the ROI of in-store promotional investments.

Our Platform

Mediar has what CPGs and Retailers need: better data and insights through in-store, shelf-level tracking. PromoPower converts missed opportunities into basket-growing, brand-expanding advantages. Our trade marketing intelligence generates ROI breakthroughs for in-store promotions. Mediar delivers Real Time Data, Store-by-Store Detail, and Shopper Behavior Understanding. Mediar is How Brands Win.


Our in-store sensor technology captures precision video of Shoppers' Journeys. Mediar brings new clarity to the analysis of In-Store Shopper Behavior.


We correlate Shopper Behavior Data + Brand Promotion Plans + Store Planograms with POS Data to create a complete picture of Trade Marketing Effectiveness.

Predict + Optimize

We predict shelf & promotion performance measured by Exposure, Engagement and Sales Conversions. Our platform continuously learns, iterates and optimizes Promotions, Sales and ROI.

Our Customers

We work with top global CPG brands and major Retailers to drive the profitability of in-store promotions. PromoPower converts missed opportunities into basket-growing, brand-expanding advantages for Retailers and CPGs. Mediar trade marketing intelligence generates ROI breakthroughs for in-store promotions. Our solution strengthens the partnership between Retailers and CPGs so they can collaborate and innovate to retain customer loyalty.

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Our Leadership Team

The Mediar team combines retail & tech industry experience, hard-earned business success and the entrepreneurial spirit.

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