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If 3/4 of shopper decisions
are made inside the store,
know them well.

Today, all brick-and-mortar retailers have data about what has already been sold in their stores. But they don’t have insights about what could have been sold to shoppers who are inside their stores.

This is because physical stores operate as ‘black boxes’ with limited understanding of how shoppers behave from entry to checkout. Retailers are, therefore, unable to optimize the store experience to meet shopper expectations, leading to significant “missed sales opportunities”.

Why is MEDIAR different?

Mediar has what retailers and manufacturers need most: accurate data with conclusive insights for decision making at the POS.

Promo Power for Brands and Retailers

Mediar's PromoPower is an innovative Big Data platform that measures in real-time the ROI of in-store promotions and delivers actionable insights to Retailers and Brands.

Shopper Behavior

We monitor the shoppers' journey in real-time to identify behavioral patterns and drive insights. The results will allow the optimization of your trade spent and sales increase.

Promo ROI

Find out the real results of your in-store executions and make quick and confident decisions. We correlate shopper behavior data with the store product map and sales data to measure the actual results of a promotional effort.


Global Leadership team

Mediar is a award winning team that has been featured in major media outlets and headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Brazil and UE.

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Gustavo Lemos - CEO Silicon Valley, USA

Gustavo Lemos is a serial entrepreneur in B2B analytics and has more than 15 years of leading teams and building data products, which 10 of those as a founder and CEO. Gustavo, along with his co-founders, was nominated de IBM Global Entrepreneur while building Mediar.
Before founding the company, Gustavo was the co-founder and CEO of Redeinova, the leading B2B data analytics company.
Gustavo holds a degree in telecom engineer; Post Graduated in Finance at FDC and executive educated in Stanford GSB.

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Cristiano Paranhos - Director Customer Success and Insights

Cristiano is the co-founder and a people-centric entrepreneur, who likes to align the outside vision with the team focused on the execution and processes, with a hands-on & data-driven approach to get things done.
Originally trained as an Architect, Post Graduated in Projects in one of the top business schools (FDC), and executive educated in Babson College.

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Andrea Betti-Berutto - CTO

Entrepreneur, Founder and Chief Technology Officer with +25 years of experience in Semiconductors for Microwave, mmWave, Fiber Optics and IOT applications.
Intensive operational expertise, M&A, Post-Merge integration, Value Chain management, start up to large publicly traded corporation, product/technology, Quality&Reliability, business and technical strategic initiatives.


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